Red Earth

Date Awarded: 22nd May 2017
Three beautiful, rich daughters of three powerful and influential men—all of them with their own agenda when it comes to Max Bowman. Unfortunately, Max doesn’t know which one to trust or which way... More info →

Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day!

Date Awarded: 27th April 2017
Author: || Publisher: Mascot Books|| Entry Type: E-Book
When Alycat’s daydreaming causes her to miss out on Dessert Day at school, she will need to rely on her imagination to satisfy her sweet tooth! With the help of her best friend Spotty, she discovers... More info →

Angelina’s Secret

Date Awarded: 29th March 2017
Author: || Publisher: Izzard Ink Publishing|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Lady Angelina Marguerite Amelia Stewart was born in a time when women were valued for their beauty, titles and little else. Beloved daughter of Lord and Lady Stewart, and cherished by her older brothe... More info →

Tibet, Disrupted

Date Awarded: 10th March 2017
Author: || Publisher: ThunderHorse Media|| Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book
Tibet, Disrupted is a photo-based book that blows the lid off China’s megadam construction and large-scale mining in Tibet, and documents the looming crisis for the entire Asian regi... More info →


Date Awarded: 7th March 2017
Author: || Publisher: BiblioPhilia Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Don’t believe everything the tabloids tell you about Indigo Belfrois. She may look like she’s the typical frivolous and shallow movie star—but that would be far from the truth. If you knew her... More info →
Author: || Publisher: Izzard Ink Publishing|| Entry Type: E-Book

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American freedom hinges on rights laid down in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence — but what do they really say? This valuable guide will lead you through both historical documents, of... More info →

Don’t Settle

Date Awarded: 16th February 2017
Author: || Publisher: Balboa Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Don’t Settle is the complete step-by-step solution for the single women tired of swiping right who is ready to finally meet The One and to have the marriage of her dreams. ... More info →

You’re Hired!

Date Awarded: 7th February 2017
Author: || Publisher: Frank McClain|| Entry Type: E-Book

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YOU’RE HIRED! will help you learn the success secrets, interview questions and answers, preparation tips and relevant facts and examples on what job seekers and career changers need to know and do b... More info →

The Abscission Zone

Date Awarded: 17th January 2017
Author: || Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC|| Entry Type: E-Book
Dr. Texie Raynott and Dr. Dock Hatman hope to use their expertise in plant biology to discover new cancer drugs. They never imagined that they would end up fighting a global menace that has deadly imp... More info →

Wake of the Storm

Date Awarded: 9th January 2017
Author: || Publisher: Gregory C Brown|| Entry Type: E-Book
Gregory C. Brown's debut novel, Wake of the Storm, is Book One of The Mason Storm series. The thriller is centered around his protagonist, homicide detective, Mason Storm, and set in the weal... More info →





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