3 Keys to Managing PTSD: The Warrior

About the Book

This eBook equips military veterans with a complete stress management program. Readers will master the 3 Keys to Managing PTSD, which are; (1) Learn how to stop a stress reaction, (2) Process the trauma, and (3) Meditate daily. If you want to naturally reduce stress this book is for you. The PTSD FREE mobile app and Stress Is Gone Membership are included. The entire program is certified by The American Institute of Stress. The author dedicates the book to his father, a decorated USMC Vietnam veteran and Ret. FDNY Firefighter, who passed away from long-term complications from PTSD.


PTSD-CoverThe book includes a complimentary mobile app that predicts and shuts down stress reactions, teaches users how to meditate, and helps users process traumatic memories fueling PTSD. The book also contains a complimentary Stress Is Gone online membership, giving readers ongoing access to our stress relief tools 24/7/365. The link we submitted is for kindle, however the eBook is also published on iTunes as well.

About the Author

PTSD - authorBrett Cotter is a stress relief expert with 15 years experience who has multiple generations of combat veterans in his family, spanning across three branches of military. He specializes in group facilitation, one-on-one coaching and instructional design. Brett facilitates classes in corporations, schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations. He founded www.StressIsGone.com to create and share effective relaxation tools. The Stress Is Gone program is certified by The American Institute of Stress. Brett recently founded www.StressIsGone.org, a 501(c)(3) that provides best-in-class solutions to high-risk demographics such as veterans. Brett has received training from the Himalayan Institute and a Shaolin Grand Master. He is a member of the International Honor Society in Psychology. Brett