Adams County Journal

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About the Book

The Adams County Journal is a quarterly publication available for free as a PDF download to anyone interested in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The content is categorized in the areas of photography and documentary. The media benefits local businesses, residents and visitors to the region because it engages readers and portrays local culture in a positive light. The Adams County Journal celebrates and communicates the flavor of the region. Through the publications, readers connect with and become more knowledgeable about the region. They may be inspired to action—to take advantage of opportunities to enjoy the people, environment, agriculture, businesses, activities and organizations in the area. At its most basic, readers’ responses may be to simply form a favorable opinion about Adams County, Pennsylvania.


AdamsCtyJournal-coverAdams County Journal is published as a Portable Document Format which means it is device independent and does not require software other than a free PDF Reader, now native to most operating systems. The PDF is delivered via the internet. In addition, for followers who prefer reading from paper, Adams County Journal is published through CreateSpace Print On Demand (POD). All photography is done in digital format using various cameras and tablet computers. All design and preparation of files is done using Adobe products including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. This is a digital publication from end to end, creation to publication.

About the Author

AdamsCtyJournal-authorsSusan and David Bonser love to take photos and enjoy the wonderful events, people, history, agriculture, nature, environment, activities and celebrations that life in Adams County, Pennsylvania offers—and sharing their experiences through a free online magazine. Susan has been an art director, digital media manager, and teacher. David grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm and graduated from Penn State to become an engineer in high efficiency energy systems. For this project, David is the photographer and crew; Susan is the writer and media designer. Both have a passion for PBS, history, renovating their 1800s farmhouse and, of course, exploring Adams County, Pennsylvania.