Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Format(s): EPUB
Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book

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About the Book

In BE THE BEST BAD PRESENTER EVER, Karen Hough uses her unique presentation approach to take the anxiety out of one of the greatest fears in business. Her book debunks over a dozen myths about presentations and makes them more fun and natural for everybody. It is authenticity and passion that wins people over, not polish. But you can’t be authentic if you’re following someone else’s rules. Hough shows how you can embrace your own style and communicate your message without worrying constantly about antiquated dos and don’ts. Readers who follow Karen’s “bad advice” will be surprised to learn they're actually a naturally skilled presenter.


Be the Best Bad Presenter EverKaren Hough is a charismatic speaker and trainer who has won rave reviews for her compelling presentations. This comes through in this eBook edition of BE THE BEST BAD PRESENTER EVER via embedded video featuring the author.

As the stories in the book illustrate, Karen’s presentation training has succeeded in helping thousands of seemingly hopeless and befuddled presenters. Her counter-intuitive approach is a welcome oasis in a desert of dry, traditional books on presenting.

About the Author

HoughKaren Hough is CEO of ImprovEdge, which creates training using improvisation to teach business skills. She is an Amazon bestselling author, keynote speaker, contributor to the Huffington Post, and winner of the Stevie International Award for Most Innovative Company of the Year.