But by the Chance of War

Publisher: Lylea Creative Resources
Format(s): EPUB
Entry Type: E-Book

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About the Book

A series of masterfully written poetical dramas that captures the reader and takes one through the ages and around the globe, presenting the similar strife and issues which arise during four different periods of global conflict. But by the Chance of War comprises three distinct historically based dramas and one prophetic contemporary tale with common philosophical links which are presented as Mathura, Niagara, Amiens, and Moriah. Each story discovers the common human weaknesses that lead to all conflicts, culminating in the unknown battleground of our new technological age, and discovers a globally and historically shared answer to these mutual human flaws, as obvious as it is ignored amidst history’s dust.


But by the Chance of WarBut by the Chance of War offers the best in technology and navigability. Readers can easily maneuver through the eBook using multiple endnotes which are navigated by clicking on the reference number in the text. Once the endnote has been read, the reader can press the endnote number again to return to the original page.

About the Author

RichardLyonsBorn in Evanston, Illinois and raised on the North Shore of Chicago, Richard C. Lyons has been a life-long admirer of the written word. Lyons interweaves his self-motivated education in history, philosophy and poetry throughout “But by the Chance of War.” Professionally, Lyons is a third generation printer, whose father dedicated his life to education in the publishing field. Lyons has been directly and indirectly involved in the printing, publishing, stage and television production industries throughout his professional career. His education background took him through Loyola Academy, the University of North Texas and a graduate career at Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business. Mr. Lyons now resides in Chicago with his wife and two children.