Doer’s Dilemma: Why Achievers Suffer And What To Do About It

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About the Book

The 20% of the workforce responsible for 80% of production, commonly known as Doers, are not always treated equitably. The author addresses that issue and other challenges facing high performers in today's stressful and demanding workplace without fluff or exaggeration.

This concisely crafted book highlights the critical role that Doers play in all organizations and distinguishes itself by explaining in an articulate, matter-of-fact manner how to attract, foster, and retain these vital few who get things done.

Each chapter highlights a problematic situation through the use of anecdotal stories and graphic illustrations of rational remedies. The proprietary techniques contained in the Toolbox can be implemented quickly without disrupting the workflow. Most importantly, the techniques showcased throughout the book are practical, immediately applicable, simple, and clear.


  • Each chaDoers Dilemmapter reflects a problematic situation through the use of anecdotal stories and graphic illustrations of realistic remedies.
  • Strategically placed hyperlinks facilitate easy access to an expansive toolbox containing proprietary techniques that show the reader how to behave more like a doer.
  • Relevant topics include relationships, competence, communication, direction, collaboration, motivation, accountability, initiative, dysfunction, and change.
  • Conversationally delivered, this book offers methods and procedures that will breathe life into suffering workplace relations while simultaneously boosting overall productivity.
  • Recognizing and rewarding doers for their performance enhancing roles, will raise the morale and profitability of any organization that is savvy enough to do so.
  • It is clear that the author’s considerable first hand experience advising real organizations has been applied in a delightful read and considerably helpful book.

About the Author

Toms_HeadTom E. Jones has studied organizations and the people they employ long enough to have a keen sense of what works and what does not. Jones concentrates on those operational struggles that ultimately determine the success or failure of a modern organization. Jones writes about workplace behaviors and events clearly, without fluff or exaggeration. By presenting the issues in an articulate, matter-of-fact manner, he provides the reader with a common sense approach to everyday workplace problems. He takes complex ideas and makes them comprehensible. By listening to people's concerns and problems, Tom has acquired a deep understanding of what it is that is both painful and problematic for today's wage earner. Dr. Jones has written for The Wall Street Journal, American City Business Journals, Executive Excellence, Fortune, and Entrepreneur and Smart Money magazines. He currently tells the doer story through his Blog at