Energize Your Retirement: Stories of Passionate Pursuits

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About the Book

Energize Your Retirement: Stories of Passionate Pursuits presents retirees (ages 59 through 84) across the United States who found their passion in fun, meaningful, and stimulating activities. Enjoy entertaining personal stories, fascinating facts, and multiple resources to help you begin your new chapter in life. Meet Harriet, the mushroom hunter from Oregon; Kevin, the woodturner from Massachusetts; Voni and her husband, Paul, who leave their home in Texas and ride their motorcycles for four months of the year, and many other energized retirees involved in fascinating activities. Energize Your Retirement is the positive face of retirement.


Energize Your Retirement1. The ebook includes digital, color pictures of each of the retirees interviewed. Including color photos in the print version is much too costly.

2. In addition to the interview, each chapter contains a Resources section with multiple sources of information including websites, apps, videos, classes, books and magazines. Hyperlinks to these resources give an added dimension of customized reading and a seamless transition to in-depth learning.

3. Use of a hyperlink utility (bit.ly in this case) allows the writer/publisher to shorten a long URL. This is a win-win, making it easier for the reader to access the link, saves page space and gives the ability of the writer/publisher to track the usage and identify the most popular chapters and resources.

4. The hyperlink to the author’s webpage (in the “About the Author” section) increases reader interaction and establishes a strong sense of community.

About the Author

Sparacino, ChristineChristine Sparacino is the author of Energize Your Retirement: Stories of Passionate Pursuits. She retired from a varied career as a teacher, corporate trainer and grant writer. She holds a master's degree in Curriculum Design from California State University. Christine returned to school when her last child left for college and received a certificate in Technical and Professional Writing from San Francisco State University. This is Christine's first book. She calls her retirement the start of a winning trifecta, pursuing three perfect pastimes: creating new friendships, learning new things, and writing about the journey.