Famous Ski Hills in Wisconsin (And Other Delusions of Grandeur)

Publisher: Dead Tree Press
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About the Book

In this collection of humorous essays, Scott Jacobs explores a boyhood of idyllic pastimes and the questions it led to later in life. Why is Budweiser beechwood aged? Is Black Friday a scam? And where have all the waysides gone? Here is proof positive that Wisconsin isn't a state, it's a state of mind; and gentle good humor is the coin of the realm.

"A delightful mix of funny and affectionate tales . . . Jacobs makes junk shops, college cheers, little league baseball and, yes, even ski hills as fresh and inviting as Peshtigo after a new snow." -- Elizabeth Station, author of Casseroles

"In this pleasureful book, Jacobs shows us the evolution of a boy, a time, an era. Excellent writing, wonderful tales, his basic recipe includes his own crazy humor, a dab of poignance, some absurdity, and the deepest colors of his past. . . . tantalizing-stuff that makes readers laugh and tear a bit, a combination that elevates his stories to the read-em-again kind." -- Bill Janz, former columnist, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Famous Ski Hills in WisconsinTwo chapters –– “Life in 1950″ and “Movie Magic” –– illustrate the integration of visual materials into the storytelling, but the photos at the head of each chapter were also chosen to set a visual tone for the stories that follow.

About the Author

Scott JacobsScott Jacobs is a journalist, filmmaker and author of five books. He has written for the Chicago Sun-Times, Slate, Chicago and Milwaukee magazine, co-founded the Center for New Television in Chicago, produced documentaries for PBS and A&E Television, and covered three presidential campaigns as Stump Connolly, chief political correspondent of The Week Behind. His work has won both an Emmy and Clio award. He lives in Chicago with his wife and son.