GET HIRED! Grow. Lead. Live.

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About the Book

In challenging economic times, finding the right job, keeping it, advancing, and eventually achieving a leadership position is especially difficult. Eastman’s pragmatic insights — based on actual executive experience — cut through the theoretical chaff of much of today’s “how to” business literature. From graduates looking for first jobs to unemployed job seekers, new managers, and even CEOs, there’s something here for everyone, whatever the current stage of a career. It also offers sage advice on leading a balanced life in today’s world of economic challenges and unprecedented change, with their accompanying job stresses.These insights make GET HIRED! highly worthwhile reading.


GET-HIRED-CoverGET HIRED! contains eight sections where readers can quickly focus on their current career circumstances. The author provides thoughtful insights about how to:

  • Find a job you will enjoy
  • Excel in the work place
  • Move from a doer to a manager
  • Hire people
  • Lead an organization
  • Guard against bureaucracy
  • Maintain a balanced life
  • Retire successfully

GET HIRED! is a little career advice “handbook” which could be used for a reference as a person’s career evolves.

“I just read your new book—GET HIRED! GROW. LEAD. LIVE.—and wanted you to know I thought it was terrific. Concise, smart, real world.  Nice going!”

Jack Welch, Retired CEO, General Electric

About the Author

EastmanHal Eastman is a native of the Pacific Northwest and a graduate of the University of Puget Sound and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He enjoyed a thirty-year business career, starting with Boeing and Ford Motor Companies and later holding management and leadership positions in industries as diverse as printing, forest products, chemicals, power generation, biotechnology, scientific supplies, and wireless communications. During this time, he was president of two large public companies, Fisher Scientific and McCaw Cellular (today AT&T Wireless), and founder of two small businesses. Eastman was also involved in several major public company mergers and acquisitions, and led their operational integration. He later served on a number of corporate and non-profit boards. Eastman lives in Boise, Idaho.