Glad to Be Dad: A Call to Fatherhood

Publisher: Familius
Entry Type: E-Book

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About the Book

Glad to Be Dad: A Call to Fatherhood has an exceptional focus: helping dads become more integral in the lives of their families. Award-winning author Tim J. Myers uses his experience raising his daughter as the conceit to explore everything from the role of fathers to using your imagination in playtime. He includes advice on how to improve romance with your spouse, as well as how to manage medical emergencies, dinner, and shopping, all from a man's perspective. The book's use of tables and charts to complement the story and it's design bring form and function to the book.


Glad to be Dad: A Call to FatherhoodOne of the greatest forces creating our human world is, of course, parenting, which has the power to nurture or wound our very humanity. But raising children isn’t easy, and men in particular are facing challenges as they become more fully-committed to domestic life. Glad to Be Dad is about the actual lives of fathers, mothers, and families today, exploring the demands and great rewards of finding your deeper, truer self as a father, a husband, and a man.

But, like family life itself, the book is also full of humor and wonderful surprises, taking a realistic, but warm-hearted view of this most crucial of our life-roles. And, it’s for wives as well as husbands! Glad to Be Dad: A Call to Fatherhood has great design, has a strong use of typography and iconography, and the use of charts and tables complement the information.

About the Author

Tim J. MyersTim J. Myers is a writer, storyteller, songwriter, and senior lecturer at Santa Clara University. Tim earned his master’s in literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has 32 years experience teaching, both at the classroom and university levels. He’s published 11 children’s books (with four on the way) and over 120 poems, including two books of poetry for adults. His children's books include "Dark-Sparkle Tea" (Wordsong), "Good Babies" (Candlewick ‘05), and Basho and the Fox (Cavendish ’00), and New York Times bestseller for children. He also won the 2012 SCBWI Magazine Merit Award for Fiction.