How We Are Different (HWAD)

Publisher: To a T Books
Format(s): iOs
Entry Type: Book as App

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About the Book

How We Are Different is an app based on Thom Kudla’s well-reviewed book How I Am Different. This app is an interactive reading and writing experience that allows you to compare Thom’s two-year progression as a writer with your own progression as a reader and writer. Read along with two entries from Thom’s book every day of the year via calendars while tracking and charting how these pieces make you feel. Write and save your own original creative piece each day of the year; set, track, and chart your mood while writing each day; record the amount of time you spent writing each day; and don’t forget to set a reminder to prompt you to write every day! Don’t know where to start or how to approach this sizeable book and its companion app? How We Are Different has you covered: check out the “Reading Roulette” option, which allows you to shake your phone and read an entry from How I Am Different selected at random. Want a more organized and interesting way to experience the book? Check out the multiple index views: one to read chronologically by day number in the original writing experiment, one to read by title, one to read by genre, and one to read by topic.



  • Mood tracking and charting
  • Keeps track of time spent writing and graphs it
  • Stores journal entries, enables export
  • Reading roulette (shake device for random entry)
  • Swiping between entries in book
  • Calendar view
  • Multiple easy-to-navigate indices

About the Author

How_We_Are_Different-authorThom Kudla’s latest book, HOW I AM DIFFERENT, was named a finalist in the Poetry Category of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He created a journaling app based on HOW I AM DIFFERENT called HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT (HWAD), now available on Apple's app store.  It's an interactive reading and writing experience.

Thom’s books of poetry COMMENCEMENT and OUT OF CONTEXT won the 2017 IndieReader Discovery Award for Poetry. Also, OUT OF CONTEXT was a Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Runner-up. In addition, Thom's book WHAT MY BRAIN TOLD ME was selected as a finalist in the short story non-fiction category of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards. His writing has been anthologized in a number of books, including CHICAGO AFTER DARK and SILVER: AN ECLECTIC ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY & PROSE.

Thom was awarded a Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University. He also earned a bachelor's degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, where he received a grant to write his first novel, CONFESSIONS OF AN AMERICAN.

Twitter: @thomkudla
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