Letting Go Again

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About the Book

Letting Go Again is one birth mother's courageous and compassionate account of giving up her baby daughter for adoption, their troubled relationship once they are reunited almost two decades later, and the grief that comes with knowing that she and her eldest child may never overcome the barriers that exist between them. While many of us have witnessed the emotional "adoption reunions" on daytime TV, we rarely see what happens when the cameras stop rolling. Kimberly Smythe's poignant account reveals that, sometimes, love just isn't enough.


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About the Author

Letting_Go_Again- authorKimberly Smythe was born in Madrid, Spain. As a child, she moved home six times in eleven years. After living the nomadic life of an Air Force brat, she spent twenty-six years in Hawaii, which still holds a special place in her heart. She has four grown children, three of whom call her mom.

Kimberly chose to write about her first child, whom she gave up for adoption, so that others might understand what many women endure when circumstances force them to give up their child. Writing about being a birth mother, or as she prefers to call it, a natural mother, helped her in her quest for understanding. She hopes it will also help others understand what it is like to let go of a child, and then be reunited, only to have to let go again.

Today, Kimberly lives in the Great Northwest where she shares her home, which is her sanctuary, with her wonderful husband of 32 years, and their two dogs, Mollie, and Ryder.