Logan Goes to China

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About the Book

Logan Goes to China is more than a book. It’s a multi-sensory, multi-media, multi-touch, multi-fun experience. In addition to full-page photos, a finger tap launches a video of a rickshaw ride through a Hutong neighborhood. Tap again and you’re watching bamboo rafts floating down the Li River. Or learning about squat toilets. And Kung Fu weapons. You’re there doing, seeing, and hearing everything Logan encounters during his trip. His adventure comes alive. You’ll feel like you’ve been to China. No passport. No packing. No jet lag. It’ll be the easiest trip you’ve ever taken! (Available only at the Apple iBookstore. Type the title of the book in the search window.)


LoganGoesToChina-CoverLogan Goes to China makes full use of the amazing digital book technologies you’ve heard about or seen demonstrated on TED programs. As you “turn” its “pages,” video clips and slideshows spring to life at your command, and suddenly you’re there, up close and very personal. With a further touch of your finger, the 250+ photos expand to full-page, vibrant color images that reveal the nooks and crannies of a rural farmer’s home, the glistening blades of a martial arts master’s weapons, a neighborhood pet shop, or, of course, the vast expanse of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall itself. Logan introduces children (and their parents) to daily life in the most populous country on the planet. (Note: these extraordinary features can be experienced only on an Apple computer or iPad.)

Absolutely amazing… (by MyThirdRock)
“Describing this publication as a “book” is almost insulting…because it’s so much more. Through the appealing story (as told by an observant and outgoing young American boy), you are taken deeper and deeper into Chinese culture through hundreds of photos that are organized into collections of images that enlarge to full page size with the tap of a finger, plus video sequences that provide sound and motion, plus other interactive options you can open now, or save for later, plus study aids. Your son or daughter (or social studies students if you’re a teacher) will revisit this extraordinary “book” again and again, and share it with friends. I can’t wait to see more titles by this author.”


About the Author

Dieman, JanetJanet Dieman's passions in life are travel...and learning. When she combines her passions with her career skills as a teacher, professor, media designer, and creative writer, the result is an irresistible you-are-there magic. Whether it’s Logan Goes to China (a Benjamin Franklin 2014 award winner), or Grammy Takes Logan to Switzerland, or Grammy Takes Foster to Switzerland, she seamlessly weaves sight, sound, motion and text into a compelling, visually rich, interactive adventure that transcends time and place. These three titles will soon be joined by four more in Janet’s pioneering seven-part series of multimedia, digital books for children and the adults who read with them. (Note: these titles are currently available only at Apple’s iBookstore.)