Mexico: Sunlight & Shadows: Short Stories & Essays by Mexico Writers

About the Book

This is one of the best books available about life for both expat residents and natives in villages and cities across Mexico. What sets it apart from most other books about living in Mexico is that it's a literary collection of short stories and essays, full of insights by contemporary authors who write and live full time in Mexico or who have spent a lot of time living in the country. The superb collection contains works by twenty-two authors, all but five of whom live full time in the country. Their writing spans a variety of topics; many contributions extol life in Mexico's abundant sunlight while others examine what the shadows sometimes obscure. It's a sampler of sorts, with active hyperlinks for more information about the authors and their other writing. Perhaps the best way to gain valuable insights about the day-to-day life of people in a foreign country is to read good books by authors living and/or writing in that country. The purpose of this book is to identify several writers who can help readers accomplish this for Mexico. Enjoy!


Mexico CoverThe eBook contains an author bio at the end of each contributor’s piece, with active hyperlinks to the author’s website and Amazon Author Page. At the end of the book, it includes a separate page for each author’s latest book available on Amazon, with a cover image and an active hyperlink to go to Amazon and buy the book. Naturally, the table of contents is hyperlinked to the chapters.

About the Author

The managing editor for this anthology, Mikel Miller, and the co-editors Michael Hogan and Linton Robinson, all three of whom also contributed pieces to the book. Miller has written, edited, and published thirteen books since 2010, and currently is managing editor at, which publishes and promotes books by indie authors. Both Hogan and Robinson have long and successful careers in a variety of writing genres, and each have published more than twenty paperbacks and eBooks.