Mistress of France

About the Book

The main characters in Mistress of France are familiar protagonists in history – a young Catherine de Medici bartered as a bride and sent to France, the enigmatic and beautiful mistress Diane de Poitiers, gallant King Francois and his brooding son Henri. A compelling page-turner, this is a tale of hidden love, bitter betrayal and powers sought beyond our world.

Using the groundbreaking “app-less” enhancement technology of Colorado based Beneath the Ink (Beneath the Ink), Boling has created a multi-dimensional experience that is compatible with all platforms and devices. She invites readers to delve deeper into the story without leaving the page or requiring connectivity. Mistress Of France has it all – an absorbing story of destiny, love and power mixed with cutting edge technology.


Mistress of France

  • Character Cloud – tap on any character name in the book to see a description
  • Bink™ – tap on the highlighted words within the story to discover more contextual information (circa 150 Binks)
  • Gallery – tap on the gallery to reveal timelines, maps, family trees, pictures and more.
  • Book Part Illustrations
  • Podcast – embedded at the end of the novel

About the Author

Emma BolingEmma Boling is a hybrid author and media commentator with broad journalistic experience. Her most recent book, Mistress of France, is in the historical fiction genre, and follows years of extensive research into the power of women in the court of Renaissance France, and how effectively they manipulated and ruled in a man’s world. Boling’s accessible writing style features an ability to weave captivating stories from the complexities of history. Boling is a next generation novelist who understands the implications of digital disruption and the rapidly changing face of the publishing industry. Visit www.emmaboling.com.