Moon Thief

About the Book

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom with the world’s most beautiful and treasured moon. The king, worried about moon thieves lingering around, ordered his royal guards to guard the moon through night and day. Nobody was able to lay their hands on the moon. Ever… But one day the moon disappeared.

How? Who? Where? Could the moon have vanished?

Moon Thief is the second book after The Flying Fish that is written by a youth writer, Siwon Kim, and illustrated by his younger brother Siwoo Kim.


-Optimized for iBook (iPhone/iPad, iOS)
-Fixed layout epub book gives you the look and feel of holding a printed book in your hands.
-This book is made by kids for other kids, so you can peak a story straight from the imagination of kids themselves.

About the Author

moon-thief-authors Siwon Kim(right) is the Writer of this book. He is the older brother of Siwoo Kim, the illustrator of this book. Siwon enjoyed creating his own stories from young. In his free-times he made his own storybooks on A4 papers. Although most of them were unfinished, from time to time he read some to his little sister. This book Moon Thief was one of Siwon’s incomplete A4 paper storybooks. His little sister especially liked it, so he decided to finish the book for other children. Siwon wishes to become a story maker who can trigger other’s imaginations to bubble. Other than “Moon Thief”, he wrote The “Flying Fish(iBooks)”.

Siwoo Kim(left) is the illustrator of this book. He is the younger brother of the author of this story, Siwon Kim. It took Siwoo about 2 years to complete the illustration of this book. He is a 14 year old boy who likes drawing, animation, filming and music. He also has great interest toward animal rights. Other than “Moon Thief, ” he also illustrated “The Flying Fish(iBooks)”, and wrote and drew “Sharks Fin Crisis(iBooks)” and “What Can Turtles Do?(iBooks)”