Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo

Publisher: Raked Gravel Press
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About the Book

Motions and Moments is the third book by Michael Pronko on the fluid feel and vibrant confusions of Tokyo life. These 42 new essays burrow into the unique intensities that suffuse the city and ponder what they mean to its millions of inhabitants. Based on Pronko’s 18 years living, teaching and writing in Tokyo, these essays on how Tokyoites work, dress, commute, eat and sleep are steeped in insights into the city’s odd structures, intricate pleasures and engaging undertow.


Motions and Moments - coverThe book includes numerous Japanese words to recreate the experience of being in Tokyo. Those words are referenced and explained in a glossary. Difficulties of publishing in English from inside Japan are also facilitated by the use of digital technologies. Many readers of these essays are also travelers, and e-books have become part of most traveler’s carry-on luggage and day-to-day carry-around. Having the short essays at hand when in, or on the way, to Tokyo is essential as travel reference, background, explanation and stimulus.

About the Author

pronko 2Michael Pronko is the author of three collections of essays about Tokyo: Beauty and Chaos, Tokyo’s Mystery Deepens, and Motions and Moments. He has written about Japanese culture, art, jazz, society, architecture and politics for Newsweek Japan, The Japan Times, Artscape Japan, and runs his own website, Jazz in Japan ( He teaches American Literature and Culture (novels, film, art and music) at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo and after discussing Kurt Vonnegut or Jackson Pollock in class is in the right frame of mind to wander Tokyo contemplating its intensity. He puts up what he finds here: