My Silly Dog Gus

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About the Book

Join the fun in this humorous tale about a silly dog named Gus, who just can't stop barking. Gus barks at the flowers and barks at the cars. He even barks at the grass in the yard. Sometimes he sits and barks at the clouds. He barks at the silence and sounds that are loud. This dog barks at everything! In this colorful picture book filled with funny rhymes, you are sure to laugh and smile at the antics of My Silly Dog Gus!


My Silly Dog Gus - Cover“As a self-published book author, having my children’s picture book available as an ebook not only makes it more accessible and affordable, but parents never have to worry about the book getting ruined. It will always be in perfect condition, like the first day it was read. In addition, the illustrations are much more vibrant and true in digital format as compared to print. This makes all the difference in children’s picture books, as the quality of the presentation of the illustrations can make or break the book.”
C.K. Carter

About the Author

Carter, CKA native of South Florida, C.K. Carter graduated from UCF in 2001 with a B.A. in Literature. Since graduating, she worked as a high school English teacher and award-winning journalism adviser. Seven years after setting a goal to write a children’s book, and having two children, Carter finally had a breakthrough after telling an improvised bedtime tale to her eldest son. His constant requests for the story pushed her to finally write her first book, The Castle Across the Street, which won a Silver FAPA President's Book Award in 2014. A year after losing her first dog, Carter wrote and published her second book, My Silly Dog Gus, as a reminder of the happiest and funniest times with the family pet. She is currently working on her third book, a sequel to The Castle Across the Street.