The Abscission Zone

Date Awarded: 17th January 2017
Author: || Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC|| Entry Type: E-Book
Dr. Texie Raynott and Dr. Dock Hatman hope to use their expertise in plant biology to discover new cancer drugs. They never imagined that they would end up fighting a global menace that has deadly imp... More info →

Wake of the Storm

Date Awarded: 9th January 2017
Author: || Publisher: Gregory C Brown|| Entry Type: E-Book
Gregory C. Brown's debut novel, Wake of the Storm, is Book One of The Mason Storm series. The thriller is centered around his protagonist, homicide detective, Mason Storm, and set in the weal... More info →

Job Hunting Ninja Master 2017

Date Awarded: 3rd January 2017
Author: || Publisher: Frank McClain|| Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book
The JOB HUNTING NINJA MASTER 2017 helps you master the job search process and successfully navigate your way through the maze of US government and corporate job markets.The JOB HUNTING NINJA ... More info →

Sand Hill Interns

Date Awarded: 3rd January 2017
Sand Hill Interns is the first in a series of novels about marijuana and the turmoil associated with its legalization. The two protagonists, Alex Hadjitakis, a recently minted Ph.D. biochemis... More info →

Blue Fire

Date Awarded: 3rd January 2017
A missing comic book genius. An all-powerful hallucinogenic designer drug. Max Bowman is haunted by both of them - and he just might lose his mind as a result. When Max takes on the mission to find th... More info →

Where an Angel’s on a Rope

Date Awarded: 19th December 2016
Author: || Publisher: Bellekeep Books|| Entry Type: E-Book
Cornelius Smith leaves Milford-Haven just before Christmas to spend a day hiking and climbing in a favorite spot – the Angeles Crest National Forest high above Los Angeles. On this warm December day... More info →

Tobe and the River Is

Date Awarded: 23rd November 2016
Author: || Publisher: Micah Sanger|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Tobe (pronounced Tō●bē) is a fisherman in a village on the edge of the world. One day a light hovers over him as he sleeps in a meadow, turning his world upside down. Then a poet’s book mysterio... More info →

Princess Bella and the Dragon’s Charm

Date Awarded: 16th November 2016
It’s a magical age of kings and queens, knights and castles, and royal marriages. For some reason, poor Princess Bella never laughs, that is until she befriends a friendly dragon named Spurlock. Tog... More info →

It’s About Time

Date Awarded: 7th November 2016
Author: || Publisher: Lyle Howard|| Entry Type: E-Book
A mysterious time travel conspiracy is about to unfold. Angela Mercy, a highly trained elite bodyguard, tragically fails her chief assignment: protecting the life of the country’s leading quantum ph... More info →

Dangerous Perceptions: The Road To Nowhere

Date Awarded: 1st November 2016
Author: || Publisher: Stuart Murray|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Two years after leaving the Marine Corps, Steve Tait still hadn’t figured out what to do with the rest of his life. He’d left the Corps for a woman who had choices, now he’s a low paid security ... More info →





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