Ninja Mouse: Haiku

Date Awarded: 27th January 2015
Author: || Publisher: SuperUltraGo! Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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The Shadows are his comrades.
He wants nothing.
He needs nothing.
He is free.

He is Ninja Mouse.

A collection of haiku poetry with themes of martial ar... More info →

Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

Date Awarded: 28th July 2014
In BE THE BEST BAD PRESENTER EVER, Karen Hough uses her unique presentation approach to take the anxiety out of one of the greatest fears in business. Her book debunks over a dozen myths about present... More info →

The Sword of Demelza

Date Awarded: 18th June 2014
Author: || Publisher: Acadia Publishing Group, LLC|| Entry Type: E-Book

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The Sword of Demelza is unlike any anthropomorphized animal story on the market today. This thrilling middle grade fantasy is an exciting fast-paced tale, which introduces young readers to en... More info →

Catching Fireflies: A Writer’s Notebook

Date Awarded: 22nd May 2014
Author: || Publisher: Little Pickle Press|| Entry Type: Book as App

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Catching Fireflies encourages children to catch the sparks of their creativity, harness their inspiration, and pour their talents onto the screen. The book app captures the essence of Coleen ... More info →

Mistress of France

Date Awarded: 5th May 2014
The main characters in Mistress of France are familiar protagonists in history – a young Catherine de Medici bartered as a bride and sent to France, the enigmatic and beautiful mistress Dia... More info →

A Troop is a Group of Monkeys

Date Awarded: 27th April 2014
A surfeit of skunks, a troop of monkeys, a clutter of spiders.... These colorful and poetic words for animal groups are called collective nouns and children will learn all about them in this rhyming p... More info →

His Dream, Our Stories

Date Awarded: 22nd February 2014
His Dream, Our Stories presents the dramatic history of the civil rights movement in America from its small scale beginnings in the 1930s up to the momentous day in August 1963 where nearly 3... More info →

Return to the Amazon

Date Awarded: 16th January 2014
Perhaps no other Jean-Michel Cousteau expedition pays tribute to the legacy of Jacques-Yves Cousteau like his voyage to the Amazon. Twenty-five years after he and his father explored this fabled regio... More info →

Taden Chesterfield

Date Awarded: 16th October 2013
Author: || Publisher: Little Finn|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Taden Chesterfield is comprised of six interesting and unique stories. The book is about a boy who finds adventures. From the get-go, the stage is set when the protagonist has his play sword ta... More info →
Author: || Publisher: Artepublishing|| Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book

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What makes this Impressionists book so innovative? It can be read like a normal art book. There are over two hundred featured illustrations of paintings in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, which has the wor... More info →





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