This is one of the best books available about life for both expat residents and natives in villages and cities across Mexico. What sets it apart from most other books about living in Mexico is that it... More info →

In the Time of the Jacarandas

Date Awarded: 25th November 2015
Author: || Publisher:|| Entry Type: E-Book

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In the Time of the Jacarandas is the most recent collection of Michael Hogan’s poetry and the only one written entirely from Mexico. Hogan has lived in Guadalajara for the better part of thre... More info →

3 Keys to Managing PTSD: The Warrior

Date Awarded: 24th November 2015
This eBook equips military veterans with a complete stress management program. Readers will master the 3 Keys to Managing PTSD, which are; (1) Learn how to stop a stress reaction, (2) Process the trau... More info →

Pilgrim Wheels

Date Awarded: 15th October 2015
Author: || Publisher: High Prairie Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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In 2011, at 57 years old, Neil Hanson began a 3400-mile cross-country bicycle journey, exploring an America that can only be discovered on winding backroads from the saddle of a bicycle. More than jus... More info →


Date Awarded: 13th October 2015
Author: || Publisher: Tree Lover Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Game On, The Adventures of Jayden Banks and the Jameson Twins. Online gamers Jayden Banks and his best friend Parker Jameson had the perfect life in the San Francisco Bay Area until a malfunct... More info →
The second book in The Castle Across the Street series, Prince Jackson Goes to School is all about overcoming those first day jitters. After a super fun summer, playing with his best fri... More info →

Achoo Gaboo

Date Awarded: 21st September 2015
Achoo Gaboo is a reading app for kids 2-5 about a clumsy elephant with a sneezing fit that won't quit. Every time Gaboo achoos, kids can pop the rainbow bubbles that trumpet from his trunk an... More info →

Traveling the Two-Lane: A Memoir and Travelogue

Date Awarded: 9th September 2015
Author: || Publisher: BookLogix|| Entry Type: E-Book
At the age of sixty-three, Marilyn left for her journey with no set path or itinerary in hand. Just a destination: Alaska. As she explored, she pondered her past. Marilyn grew up gay at a time when ho... More info →

Sherlock And Me

Date Awarded: 24th August 2015
Encyclopedia Brown meets the Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of Fifth Grade, with a HUGE TWIST! The reader of Sherlock And Me is the main character and hero in this book "by na... More info →

The Gift of Sunderland

Date Awarded: 4th May 2015
A rift has been created in the Ayers’ lineage. Roland Ayers, Guardian of the Forest, knows that he must obey the voices of past Guardians and declare the next in line. When the announcement is made,... More info →





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