Achoo Gaboo

Date Awarded: 21st September 2015
Achoo Gaboo is a reading app for kids 2-5 about a clumsy elephant with a sneezing fit that won't quit. Every time Gaboo achoos, kids can pop the rainbow bubbles that trumpet from his trunk an... More info →

Traveling the Two-Lane: A Memoir and Travelogue

Date Awarded: 9th September 2015
Author: || Publisher: BookLogix|| Entry Type: E-Book
At the age of sixty-three, Marilyn left for her journey with no set path or itinerary in hand. Just a destination: Alaska. As she explored, she pondered her past. Marilyn grew up gay at a time when ho... More info →

Sherlock And Me

Date Awarded: 24th August 2015
Encyclopedia Brown meets the Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of Fifth Grade, with a HUGE TWIST! The reader of Sherlock And Me is the main character and hero in this book "by na... More info →

The Hidden Light

Date Awarded: 4th May 2015
Author: || Publisher: East Rock Books|| Entry Type: E-Book
In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth . . . and thousands of years later, we still read the same creation story. But how well do we really understand it? Both scholarly and spiritual,... More info →

The Woman in the Movie Star Dress

Date Awarded: 7th April 2015
Author: || Publisher: Doublewood Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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What if the clothes you wore carried ghostly fragments of your soul, and somehow those fragments got transferred to one who wore those clothes next? This is the story of a young Native American woman ... More info →

The Ladybug Faerie

Date Awarded: 27th March 2015
Author: || Publisher: Culture Collective|| Entry Type: E-Book

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The best Faerie Tales are as entrancing for adults as they are for the kids who request them before bed night after night. A mysterious witch, a ladybug who is afraid to fly, a faerie that sings piano... More info →
Author: || Publisher: Balboa Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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Our world is in desperate need of emotionally healthy children who will have the confidence and resolve to contribute their talents to the world, making it a better place and leading their children do... More info →

The Lost Remnant

Date Awarded: 26th January 2015
Author: || Publisher: RPG-Media|| Entry Type: E-Book

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A young woman’s yearning for a chance at life is granted but at a terrible price. Can she bear the weight of her newfound knowledge while seeking to unlock the mystery of herself? Forced to leave th... More info →
Author: || Publisher: Eggplant Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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The Paris Vacation Apartment Guide: Rent with Confidence -- Learn Where to Stay Without Getting Overwhelmed, Ripped-Off or Scammed! by Robyn Webb is for travelers of every sort, from the weal... More info →

YESHU: A Novel for the Open-Hearted

Date Awarded: 5th January 2015
Author: || Publisher: Quaker Heron Press|| Entry Type: E-Book

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This fresh, lyrical retelling of the New Testament saga attracts readers of all ages and spiritual backgrounds. Awarded prizes in 2014 for “Printed Book – Fiction” and “E-Book – Fiction,” ... More info →





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