Pilgrim Wheels

Publisher: High Prairie Press
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About the Book

In 2011, at 57 years old, Neil Hanson began a 3400-mile cross-country bicycle journey, exploring an America that can only be discovered on winding backroads from the saddle of a bicycle. More than just a travelogue of a bike ride across the country, Hanson’s delightful and beautifully written story takes the reader on a journey that is engaging and insightful, often hilarious, sometimes poignant, and always inspiring. It’s a must-read adventure that will stir your soul.


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About the Author

NeilHansonAuthorPic1Neil Hanson is an author and speaker who makes his 9-5 living by managing IT projects for one of the largest providers of healthcare in the country. Originally from Kansas, he currently lives in Colorado. A lifelong cyclist, he has ridden his bicycle across the country, throughout the backroads in the Midwest, throughout northern Italy, from one end of the Natchez Trace to the other, and across many of the nation’s Rail Trails. A hopeless naturalist and recovering romantic, Neil loves to learn, bird, hike, hunt, fish, spin yarns, and read. He has three grown children, all of whom live close to him in Colorado. His eclectic career path has included jobs ranging from carpenter to c-level executive. Neil’s first book, Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty, is a story of spiritual journey based on his experiences at his father’s bedside during his father’s final days, and was published in 2010. His second book, The Pilgrim Way, was published in early 2015, and is a touring style and logistics companion guide for his most recent book, Pilgrim Wheels, Reflections of a Cyclist Crossing America. Pilgrim Wheels is a journey story, focusing on the experiences and reflections Neil discovered on his trip across the country. Neil’s next book takes the reader from Medicine Lodge, Kansas where Pilgrim Wheels ends to Annapolis, MD where his cross-country journey completed, and is scheduled for release in 2016.