Sherlock And Me

About the Book

Encyclopedia Brown meets the Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of Fifth Grade, with a HUGE TWIST! The reader of Sherlock And Me is the main character and hero in this book "by name." Kids love reading about themselves. They love a humorous story that takes place in a familiar setting (their school). They enjoy a familiar character (their principal). They also love solving mysteries and choosing how they do so as they control their pathway through the book. This interactive story has illustration activities and fun character names.


This is the world’s first interactive, personalized, choose-your-own-path humorous mystery for elementary-aged students. It is available exclusively at Check out the video below. You’ll love it!

Also Includes:

  • ABILITY TO PERSONALIZE: The book substitutes the child’s name and appropriate pronouns, along with the same for the principal and teacher. The school name is also applied.
  • INTERACTIVE CHOICES: The reader selects different directions in the story that affect the pathway through the book.
  • INTERACTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS: Hidden picture puzzle activities are included in the illustrations with over 100 items to find.

About the Author

JeffNathanBoston's Jeff Nathan saw his first book of children's humorous poetry release in 2000. Since then, he's added 5 more books including Calling All Animals: the first book of PunOETRY, a 2003 Pinnacle book award winner, and his work now appears in a few Meadowbrook Press anthologies, books in other countries, and in framed works of art.

Jeff travels internationally to provide CurricuLaughs in Language Arts, nationally acclaimed elementary school visits in which he applies music, performing arts, and heavy doses of HUMOR to the most challenging aspects of language arts at each grade level.

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