STOP!: 21 Stops to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy

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About the Book

STOP! is not a book about health, wellness, stress reduction, diet, and exercise. There are thousands of books on those topics. STOP! is not fundamentally a business or a self-help book. Eric Parameter’s STOP!, based on the latest behavioral and brain science, is designed to help you figure out what you can STOP doing to create more space in your life to enhance your joy, your well-being and productivity, so that you can live a life on purpose. Parmenter, a top healthcare consultant, candidly shares his personal experiences that prompted him to write this useful book, an easy, but thought-provoking read.


The eBook takes advantage of digital technologies through the use of colorful images and graphics.

About the Author

Stop - authorEric Parmenter is established as a national expert on the impact of healthcare reform on healthcare providers and is a respected thought leader in the hospital health-system industry. A consultant with deep experience in health-plan strategy, design, prevention care, and productivity and behavioral economics, Eric serves as the market president for Tennessee and vice president of Employer Solutions for Evolent Health. A former principal with Towers Watson, he has worked in the employee-benefits business for thirty-plus years as an advisor to hospital and health-system clients, developing health benefit and prevention-care strategies that align with the health system’s population-health business. Eric focuses on improving the poor health of healthcare workers and professionals as a first step to improving patient satisfaction and quality outcomes. He frequently speaks about the direct link between improving healthcare workers’ health and boosting patient satisfaction and quality outcomes.