Study It Grammar: Book 2

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About the Book

The Study It Grammar series is an exclusively-designed integrated skills and interactive textbook for students, teachers and schoolsThe Study It Grammar series consists of 8 different levels. Book 2 of 8 is for Pre-Intermediate language learners. In Book 2, students will learn: the simple past, simple present, comparatives and superlatives and count/non-count with prepositions and articles. Each unit contains vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing and reading practice. As well as an additional review section. The books are designed to be used in-class.


Study It Grammar Book 2The book includes:
-Video and Audio exercises
-Interactive activities for speaking, writing, reading and listening
-Exclusively-designed widgets that teachers can use in class-Verb photos
-Glossary of new words that students can tap and touch-Online forums for teachers and students to share and ask questions
-Video Instruction of specific Grammar points that students can use to review or teachers can use to Flip the Classroom.
-No WIFI is needed!

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About the Author

StudyItGrammar-author-RiceJames Rice: James is passionate about moving English language textbooks and materials into the 21st Century. He was the 2015 Winner of the iBooks Author of the Year at the iBooks Conference in Nashville. He is the author of over 50 ESL books available on iTunes for use with iPads, iMacs or MacBooks in the classroom. James has been teaching English, designing curricula and managing language schools for the past twenty years in Canada and abroad. He has travelled and taught in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Mexico. His innovative classroom and school design has been featured in magazines and blogs worldwide. Neil Dyal of the TDSB wrote that James' "vision for a new digital classroom that incorporated the iPad, apps and a rethinking of how we can teach the Google Learner" is "truly inspiring". In addition, James Rice stars in the YouTube video - Teacher 1999 vs Teacher 2020. These funny vignettes about the future of education have been viewed by close to 1 million people worldwide."

Jamie Matechuk: Jamie authored and managed the development of over 40 iBooks, including the groundbreaking Study ItSeries. Pioneered the first iPad only English classes, and a complete redesign of all curricula into iBooks Author format. He developed a series of HTML5 Widgets to enhance the iBooks and blog experience in and outside of the classroom. He has held numerous workshops on the potentials and best practice of using iBooks, Wordpress, and a variety of apps in the class and implemented new systems school-wide to ensure success of iPad and iBook usage. Mr. Matecuk is currently representing The Writing Project as a leader and expert in Education. Leading the growth, development, and community of The Writing Project, an innovative and intuitive app that empowers students by guiding them through the essay writing process. The Writing Project is an EdTech startup based out of Toronto that provides a writing framework for students through physical workbooks and online web applications.