Taden Chesterfield

Publisher: Little Finn
Format(s): iBook/iOS App
Entry Type: E-Book

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About the Book

Taden Chesterfield is comprised of six interesting and unique stories. The book is about a boy who finds adventures. From the get-go, the stage is set when the protagonist has his play sword taken from him by his mother. The idea is that one does not necessarily need to engage in violence, albeit pretend violence, in order to resolve conflict. Struggle can be resolved through tolerance, intelligence and empathy. By following the adventures of the title character, one can see that making positive decisions may, in turn, have a positive effect on one’s life and the lives of others.


Taden ChesterfieldThis is a wonderful book about a boy named Taden Chesterfield. Join Taden as he stumbles upon, falls into, and discovers one adventure after another.

Chapter 5 is the shortest chapter, but best illustrates the strengths and unique qualities of this book. It is a simple story about where sheep go after they have had a hard night helping people fall asleep (they have to work really hard jumping all night when we count them, of course). This chapter also wonderfully represents the illustrations scattered throughout the book. The artwork breathes life into the stories and transports the reader into each adventure. Chapter 5 underlines the general themes of compassion, kindheartedness and humanity found throughout the book and is the chapter that has received the most positive comments.

About the Author

Wesley JonesWesley Jones was born and raised in Canada and now lives in Southern California with his wife and son. Wes is an author, illustrator, and an award winning map maker. Follow him on twitter at @wesljones.