Tales of the Blue Wizard: The Children of Jamomere

About the Book

This unusual series weaves together history, myth, and fables into a rich new tapestry which crosses cultural, religious, and spiritual boundaries to teach children on a deeper level. The series presents a new-age fairy tale subtly informing the reader on the nature of humanity, including the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Jamomere, the Blue Wizard of Atlantis, creates three types of fairies representing these aspects of humanity. Lessons about love, friendship, happiness, sadness, dying, and reincarnation are all explored by the three main tribes of fairies as they interact with the children of the world.


Children of Jamomere - CoverIn the tradition of The Arabian Nights and The Mahabarata, Tales of the Blue Wizard is a series unlike any other fairy tale or fantasy adventure story on the market today. The story follows a band of fairies as they journey through time in search of their lost Master, Jamomere. The immortal fairies knowingly and unknowingly influence various cultures and children of the world as they wait for their lost Master to return and reunite them with their true power source: the Aquamar Crystal.

– 10 pages of pen and ink illustrations serve to enhance and inform the reader about the unusual characters and situations they find themselves in.

– A pronunciation key is given at the back of the book to help readers pronounce the unusual and exotic names of the characters which hail from a time long ago.

– The chapters are short and palatable for young readers, interspersed with delightful poems and songs throughout.

– The accompanying website features all of the illustrations plus some unpublished color ones and a sneak peak into the second book’s illustrations.

About the Author

FrankBarreraA native of the San Francisco Bay Area, F.M. Barrera is an award winning fine artist and writer who couldn’t decide whether to go to art school or study writing at a regular university, so he did both. He attended UCLA and the Academy of Art College of San Francisco and worked as a writer and graphic artist for the Sacramento Bee Newspaper.

Influenced by all the major children’s classics and spiritual writings like The Jungle Book and The Mahabarata, F.M. Barrera became a storyteller in both pictures and words. Through his art and writing, he uses his imagination to transport people to other realities and different ways of looking at the world. Mostly aimed at children, his books teach on a deeper level, inspiring them not only to dream, but also to look within their own dark forests and learn from the lessons life gives us all. Tales of the Blue Wizard is his second book and the beginning of his first fantasy series.