Teddy’s Day HD

Publisher: Exile Press
Format(s): iBook/iOS App
Entry Type: Book as App
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About the Book

An adventure in Teddy’s world begins with the discovery of one day. As children enter, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Follow along and be respectful, and soon you’ll take the lead full of imagination to color the day ahead. Isn’t it exciting? The book includes story audio, never before seen pictures of Teddy on his adventures, games, activities and even a coloring book. The app takes Teddy's adventures and makes them interactive to inspire young minds as they explore the world around them through the eyes of Teddy.


Teddy’s Day: On a Bearish Adventure Through Everyday Life transports readers into a lively yet comfortable place with bright colors & dreamlike artwork, propelling them through the day with simple cadence and a rhyme scheme that breathes new life into a tried and true theme – the lovable teddy bear.

This Book as App includes story audio (plus new/extra audio), never before seen pictures of Teddy on his adventures, games, activities and even a coloring book.

About the Author

Peter-N-LiptakPeter N. Liptak lives and writes in Seoul, Korea. As a purveyor of the English language, Peter believes in the power of poetry to teach the rhythmic beauty and artistry of communication.

A world traveler and bicycle aficionado, Peter studied Astronomy, Anthropology, and Acting at the University of Minnesota before finally graduating in English Literature and History. Peter worked as a preschool teacher, waiter, dance instructor and massage therapist while in school, and as an actor, ESL teacher, and writer since. He also did his Master’s in Korean History at Yonsei University in Seoul and uses Korea as the base for his travels in Asia and helping Korean children to visit summer camp in the US.

Peter believes in discovering the beauty of each day by being in the moment. Always open to new possibilities, he began his bicycle adventures in his youth, often venturing out with his sister on rickety yellow bikes meant for adults. Such memories inspired him to venture ever further, journeying through Europe and parts of Asia and even testing his mettle in Ironman triathlons.

You can follow along with his daily travels at www.poeticmisadventures.com or share his thoughts at www.coffeeshopcontemplations.com.