The Abscission Zone

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About the Book

Dr. Texie Raynott and Dr. Dock Hatman hope to use their expertise in plant biology to discover new cancer drugs. They never imagined that they would end up fighting a global menace that has deadly implications for the future of humankind. While examining a tissue sample, Texie falls and cracks her skull. At the same time, Dock uncovers the truth behind a series of mysterious deaths. Earth's green plants have turned violent. Someone or something has begun a new war that could wipe out all of humanity. Mother Nature wants to reclaim the Earth, and there is little we can do to stop her. While some choose to stay and fight, others elect to establish a new home on another planet. As Texie makes an astounding discovery on Mars, Dock tries to stop the conflict that is ravaging Earth. Samuel Muggington's science fiction adventure takes readers from the brink of humanity's collapse to the struggles of a newly colonized planet and beyond. His work shows both the fragility and savagery of the natural world and will inspire readers to look more closely at their impact on the Earth's ecosystems.


About the Author

Abscission Zone - authorSamuel Muggington grew up in a pinball machine. When the game began he bounced from Ohio to California. A few years later he rolled over to Arizona, and then a good whack returned him to Ohio. He spent several years teaching in Africa before he returned to the U.S. After attending graduate school, he joined academia. He had the privilege of teaching many talented students, but eventually he decided to move on to try his hand at writing and gardening. He has authored seven novels, The Abscission Zone, Who's The Lucky Guy?, Pomroy's World: Arrival Volume 1, Pomroy's World: Alone Volume 2, Force for Good, Sciurus, and People of the Stones. Muggington is active on social media and you can read more of his work on his blogs and