The Business of Show Business: A Comprehensive Career Guide for Actors and Models

About the Book

Since The Business of Show Business was first published as a pamphlet in 1984, it has become the bible for aspiring thespians and actors who want to understand the business side of the entertainment industry while avoiding the scams. The printed book is regularly witnessed on film sets in the bags and briefcases of talent and on the desks of agents. Although many books have been written on the techniques and methods of acting, few have addressed the critical knowledge of the trade essential for success. This 14th edition, an enhanced digital version with audio interviews and tips, provides users with the updated information they need quickly and easily at the touch of their fingertips in a conversational, uncomplicated manner. With the embedding of audio files, Cynthia Brian personalizes the eBook in a special way as a trusted coach and experienced guide by providing the reader/listener with connected inspiring and motivational messages dedicated to their success in the business of show business.

Everyone wants to be in the entertainment business. Everyone! Everyone encounters disappointment, rejection, and roadblocks. Everyone!

Everyone, that is, except those who employ the services of a coach, have access to an experienced mentor, or read The Business of Show Business: a Comprehensive Career Guide for Actors and Models. With decades of experience in all phases of the entertainment industry including acting, modeling, producing, writing, directing, coaching, and casting; Cynthia brings her unique qualifications, enthusiasm, and straight forward knowledge of the industry to those who are truly interested in pursuing a life in front of the camera or microphone. She is a recognized expert assisting talent, especially young people, enter the acting and modeling profession the right way while avoiding the scams.

Readers will learn what kinds of jobs are out there, how to talk the talk, walk the walk, everything about the unions, agents, casting directors, how to write an acting resume, other avenues to Hollywood and most of all how to avoid the scams. Listen to audio interviews, reviews, and advice that will help you make informed decisions with this 14th edition enhanced audio Ebook of The Business of Show Business.

For parents of children who want to work as an actor or model, this book is an invaluable tool. Jam-packed with all the rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts, Cynthia’s sound advice will help families make an informed decision on how to proceed with caution and integrity.


The Business of Show BusinessA special feature of this 14th edition enhanced eBook is the original song written for specifically for Cynthia Brian by the legendary crooner, Frankie Laine. Frankie was a guest on Cynthia’s newly launched radio show, Starstyle® Be the Star You Are!® in 1998 and mentioned that at one time he was known as the “king of theme songs”. Cynthia suggested he write a theme song for her new program. He responded by inviting her to meet with him and his producer in San Diego. They became friends and Frankie decided to write and perform three songs for Cynthia’s TV and radio shows including Be the Star You Are!®, The Business of Show Business, and Starstyle® Live Your Dreams. Frankie bestowed these three songs as gifts to Cynthia Brian.

The Foreword was penned by the perennial mega bestselling author and business guru of What Color is Your Parachute?, Richard Nelson Bolles. Mr. Bolles regards Cynthia Brian as a first class coach for the media industry with The Business of Show Business as the best advice book available on the subject.

The 14th edition enhanced audio version of The Business of Show Business is the ultimate guide for getting into and profiting from the entertainment industry. As make-up artist, Denise Johnson says, “This book is your toolbox for success!” Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in this field will find this book the best investment ever made. Now everyone can have a mentor and personal coach with The Business of Show Business, 14th Edition, Enhanced Audio eBook.

About the Author

Cynthia BrianCynthia Brian made her acting debut at the Napa County Fair when she was just three. She’s been a member of Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists since the 1970’s. Throughout her career in the entertainment industry, she’s learned from many of the greatest actors, directors, producers, and crew and has enjoyed the honor of being a part of several Academy Award winning films and Emmy Award television programs. Besides acting, she’s worked as a writer, producer, director, set designer, casting director, TV/radio host, and talent coach. Since 1998, she has been heard live weekly on her award winning radio broadcast, StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®. Cynthia is a New York Times best selling author and the Founder/Executive Director of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 literacy and positive media charity. She lives on a farm in Northern California with her husband and barnyard filled with adopted animals. For more information, visit