The Conciliators

Publisher: Downstream Publishing
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About the Book

The Conciliators, brings back characters we’ve come to care about and introduces some wonderful new ones who build upon their relationships and the issue of trust, both in their lives as well as in society as a whole. While truth and trust may seem like old-fashioned themes for a contemporary novel, you only need to read or watch the news to see how hungry Americans have become for a story of trust and faith and values so beautifully expressed in The Collectibles Trilogy. Available now, is the third of the trilogy, The Conciliators.


About the Author

J.Kaufman.headshot[1]A former attorney, judge and businessman, James J. Kaufman has finished his long awaited book three of his collectibles trilogy. His first book, The Collectibles, is an Amazon bestseller. Kaufman’s message is clear: we need to reclaim the trust that once existed between us and has begun to erode. “Trust is a simple word,” says Kaufman, “but as a core value it seems to be fading. I hope my writing helps to restore faith in our core values.” In addition to finding those values in Kaufman’s writing, readers have also found a story and a cast of characters they can’t get enough of.