The Emperor’s New Clothes

About the Book

Sometimes people are willingly dishonest rather than risking embarrassment. Such is the case in this whimsical rendition of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale. Excessive fondness for elaborate and expensive clothing allows a pair of dodgy tailors to hoodwink the emperor. Weaving a grandiose tale instead of actual clothing, the tailors tell the emperor that their exquisite garments, woven with the finest of materials, are invisible to less worthy individuals. Reluctant to admit possible imperfections, no one in the town is willing to be honest, with the exception of one small boy.

The conclusion of this tale extends beyond that of the original, shedding light on the benefits that come from always telling the truth.

Here, Carl Sommer has revived some of the ageless fables and stories of the past, adding his own signature Sommer Time Story style. With an eye for motivating children toward ultimate success, his stories are indispensable for classrooms, homes and libraries, helping parents and teachers to grow great kids!


emperors new clothes - coverThis entry features a read-along that has realistic sound effects and dynamic music. This entry also has video clips of the author communicating virtues and practical learning skills that impart values and principles of success to children.

About the Author

Carl SommerCarl Sommer, a devoted educator and a successful business owner, has a passion for communicating character-building resources that motivate children to succeed. He has written over 100 books, and his Sommer-Time Story series have won over 40 national awards. Advance Publishing’s mission statement reveals Sommer’s passion and purpose: “Providing exciting and inspiring character-building resources that train and motivate children with positive virtues and life skills, which enable them to live successful lives, and results in stronger families, better schools, and a safer and more productive society.”