The Gift of Sunderland

About the Book

A rift has been created in the Ayers’ lineage. Roland Ayers, Guardian of the Forest, knows that he must obey the voices of past Guardians and declare the next in line. When the announcement is made, two estranged brothers will be torn further apart, causing the Forest to rise from its long sleep. Follow Fergal, Waylond, and the rest of our heroes as they trek across Sunderland to the depths of Mt. Olga where evil dwells. It’s there they will discover the importance of family and friendship!


GiftOfSunderland-CoverFROM THE AUTHOR:
“My aim in writing my adventure stories, is to create ‘entertainment that educates.’ In order to do this, my fast-paced stories are ‘peopled’ with endangered animal heroes. These animals include some that many young readers have never heard of or seen before. Beautifully drawn sketches throughout the book help the reader envision these extraordinary characters, and a glossary at the end of the book provides information about the creatures who roam Sunderland. The glossary also contains links for each item of flora and fauna pressed between the pages. The links will direct readers to web sites where they can learn more about each entry. I sincerely hope to spark an interest in readers to recognize issues of environment and endangerment.”

About the Author

J.E. RogersJ.E. Rogers is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University. Infused with a reverence for life, she loves animals and has always been especially intrigued by the unusual animals that can only be found in Australia. In avid student of every facet of the country, Rogers’ love all things Australian has flowed into her books. She hopes to spark an interest in young readers to the flora and fauna of Australia while engaging them in a wildly imaginative tale of adventure. She spends much of her time blogging and speaking to youngsters, at libraries, schools, and museums, about endangered and threatened animals around the globe. She wants children to understand that we are connected with all life on this planet, and that animals are our fellow creatures and we share this world with them.