The Lost Remnant

Publisher: RPG-Media
Format(s): Android
Entry Type: E-Book

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About the Book

A young woman’s yearning for a chance at life is granted but at a terrible price. Can she bear the weight of her newfound knowledge while seeking to unlock the mystery of herself? Forced to leave the security of her tribe, the only family she has ever known, Azsha embarks on a journey of self-discovery set in a time of uncertainty and upheaval to brave the mounting dangers that threaten her present and our future.


TheLostRemnant_bookcover[1]The e-book edition of The Lost Remnant takes full advantage of the e-reader’s ability to display graphical elements, providing a more bookish feel while adhering to the professional elements of style demanded by light-based reading devices. This provides for a comfortable read geared toward young adults but can be enjoyed by a broad range of ages and a wide audience regardless of the e-reader model they possess. The e-book also takes advantage of direct linking capabilities, enabling readers to further enhance their immersion by going from book to the publisher\’s website with a simple click if desired.

About the Author

JNRace_AuthorPhoto[1]J. N. Race is a trophy junkie and retrogaming fanatic who resides in Southern California. Raised on a healthy diet of fable and fiction, frequent childhood library trips served as the main pathway into an escapist world of fantasy lore. A love of video games would soon follow, thus enhancing a deep and unchallenged respect for the power of Story and the written word. A graduate of American Intercontinental University, J. N. Race obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication in 2006.