The Toothless Fairy

About the Book

More than anything, the sad, lonely Toothless Fairy wants a friend to play with, but with her single tooth and face full of warts, she feels unlovable and fears she will scare other kids away. But when Halloween comes around, she notices the kids are not afraid of all the scary costumes. Realizing this might be her chance to make a friend, she comes up with a brilliant plan, and that is how a new Halloween tradition begins.


Amazing artwork.

About the Author

timothy jordan copyTimothy Jordan is a San Diego, California native and currently makes his home Lake Oswego (Portland), Oregon. He writes everyday, and is the lyricist and lead singer for his band. Homeschooled through sixth grade, Timothy wields a diverse perspective and a love of learning. He is physically active, especially enjoying competitive running. In 2014, he founded a successful 5k run/walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Poetry and music have always been important to Timothy, who is usually found with a backpack full of journals and pens, or a guitar close by. Following a series of children’s stories he wrote for his Mom’s pre-school class, Timothy wrote The Toothless Fairy when he was only seventeen.