The Woman in the Movie Star Dress

Publisher: Doublewood Press
Formats: Android, iOs, mobi
Entry Type: E-Book

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About the Book

What if the clothes you wore carried ghostly fragments of your soul, and somehow those fragments got transferred to one who wore those clothes next? This is the story of a young Native American woman who comes to Hollywood to escape her past. She finds work in a vintage store that sells clothes used in the movies. One day she discovers a way to transfer human character through these clothes and uses this ability to search for identity and mooring. But the threads of her past intervene like trip wires and complicate her quest, forcing her to look within her soul to understand who she really is.


While reading The Woman in the Movie Star Dress, readers can quickly look up references to classic movies and movies stars mentioned in the book.

About the Author

Praveen Asthana learned the art of oral storytelling while living in Zambia (where there is no native written language). He uses the cadences of oral story telling in his writing. Praveen writes both fiction and non-fiction.