Tibet, Disrupted

Publisher: ThunderHorse Media
Format(s): iOs
Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book
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About the Book

Tibet, Disrupted is a photo-based book that blows the lid off China’s megadam construction and large-scale mining in Tibet, and documents the looming crisis for the entire Asian region. Through a mixture of on-the-ground photography and painstaking research, Michael Buckley turns the spotlight on the darker side of China’s emergence as a global superpower. The enhanced ebook, published on the Apple iBooks platform, features photographs sourced from dozens of photographers, as well as cellphone pictures smuggled out of Tibet at great risk. This ebook is intended to be a visual companion to the author’s print book, Meltdown in Tibet.


Tibet, Disrupted - cover

—designed for use with Apple devices iPad, iPhone or Mac desktop

—showcases stunning photos from a diverse range of photographers

—uses NASA satellite snapshots to relate difficult concepts

—employs customized maps to give the big picture

—includes embedded Tibetan song clips

—features live links and video links to delve further


“The first thing to do is to get this book—one of the most important exposés and most compelling pieces of photo-journalism of our time — and become informed.”

—Alex Shoumatoff, author of The World is Burning

“The photo-rich eBook is a knockout on my big HD Apple computer screen. Buckley encourages geography professors to screen the book for discussion, and gives lecturers permission to do just that in the book.”

—Pat Morrow, author of Beyond Everest

“Powerful and inspirational: This is a precarious situation perched on a precipice, and Buckley has managed to articulate it with strength, dignity and profundity. This is a courageous endeavour. I hope the book does very well, and more pertinently, has an impact on the world’s collective consciousness.”

—Siddharth Dasgupta, author of Letters from an Indian Summer

About the Author

Buckley-author-Tibet,DisruptedAuthor Michael Buckley created Tibet, Disrupted (published by Apple iBooks, 2016) as a visual companion to his print book Meltdown in Tibet (published by Macmillan, NY, 2014). He is creator of three short documentaries about environment issues in Tibet. He is also author of Tibet: the Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt, UK, 2012). Buckley’s work on the environment, wildlife, and adventure travel has been published in various media outlets that include the The Guardian, New York Times, and The Globe & Mail. Wilderness is his chief source of inspiration--he is a keen wildlife enthusiast, trekker, mountain biker, kayaker and diver. Find out more about the author from his websites: www.Himmies.com + www.WildYakFilms.com.