Wake of the Storm

Publisher: Gregory C Brown
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About the Book

Gregory C. Brown's debut novel, Wake of the Storm, is Book One of The Mason Storm series. The thriller is centered around his protagonist, homicide detective, Mason Storm, and set in the wealthy county of Palm Beach where money can cover-up just about anything.


About the Author

Wake of the Storm - authorGregory C. Brown was raised in a small town in Northwest Indiana with his three brothers. Because of health issues with their father, Gregory and his family moved to Arizona his junior year of high school. After graduating, he turned down a baseball scholarship to Butler University in Indianapolis and returned to his childhood hometown to be with friends and family.

Eventually, he headed back to Arizona and settled into a sales position for a manufacturing housing company in Mesa. Roughly a year and a half later he accepted an offer for a similar position, only this time he was headed up to Portland, Oregon. Due to the lack of sunshine and constant rain he didn’t last very long. Instead, he packed up and headed for a small mining town in the mountains above Colorado Springs; again, landing another sales job in the same industry. He was later promoted to sales manager.

In his spare time he took up skiing, spending almost every other weekend on the slopes throughout the state. Three years later, the owners of the company decided to retire and sold-out to one of the larger chains, but not before placing a call to a friend of theirs in Texas who, coincidentally, was looking for a general manager to oversee multiple locations. Gregory traded in the skis and home in the mountains for a loft apartment above the streets of Dallas’ nightlife.

Eventually he grew tired of the manufactured housing industry and decided it was time for a change. He loaded up a U-haul and drove across the country to Florida. With no destination in mind he canvassed the state, north to south, until finally settling in Ft. Lauderdale.

Having never lived by the water he quickly fell in love with the beach life. He spent the next six months deciding what he wanted to do and settled on the restaurant/nightclub business. In the midst of trying to get something off the ground he met Emy and together they moved to Palm Beach County. In July of 2000 they became parents to a beautiful daughter named Gianna Marie. Ultimately, the relationship ended, though Emy and Gregory remained close, co-raising Gianna.

As the saying goes: ‘When one door closes…’ Gregory met Monica and two years later in December of 2004 he was blessed with his second beautiful daughter; Lilliana Luna. By then, Gregory had built a successful real estate portfolio, freeing up much of his time to travel and venture out into new opportunities. Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leon, Venezuela, Brussels, Madrid and several other small countries were just a few of the stamps in his passport as he shuffled around the world trading in rough diamonds.

One opportunity led to another and it wasn’t long before Gregory was opening an online flower company in Quito, Ecuador; a software company in Arizona; and investing into a chain of sushi restaurants in South Florida. Then in 2007, with so much going on in his personal life, he suffered a devastating blow after being falsely accused of financial crimes. After losing trial he was sentenced to 240 months, while other people in similar situations typically receive an average of 48 months.

Gregory found resolution in reading. Mystery-thrillers particularly, were his favorite. Reading eventually turned to writing when he read an Author’s Acknowledgements wherein the author thanked the President of the United States for being a fan and for taking the time to show him around the White House. Gregory’s hope was to write a book good enough to land on the current President’s nightstand, possibly giving him the chance to have his case re-opened.

Mr. Brown is currently being housed in the LSCI Allenwood Institution in Pennsylvania. He is diligently working on Book Two of The Mason Storm Series, Eye of the Storm. He prays he will be given the chance to see his daughters sooner than later, and in the interim, maintains a healthy relationship with them and their mothers.

Website: www.gregorycbrownbooks.com
Twitter: @masonstormserie