We Never Know How High We Are Till We Are Called to Rise

About the Book

Fifteen dynamic and inspirational talks by a noted international educator and motivational speaker who utilizes storytelling and history to inspire students. From Aristotle to Madame Curie, from Marcus Aurelius to Victor Frankl, the author brings a host of characters to life. The talks were delivered at several National Honor Society ceremonies in the U.S. and in overseas schools around the world. A special supplement, “How to Write and Deliver a Great Five-Minute Speech” is included.


We Never Know-coverThe .mobi version of this eBook is designed specifically for tablets and smartphones. This design takes advantage of digital technologies to facilitate use by educators and motivational speakers in any setting — for individual reading, for private meetings with students or colleagues, for speeches in classrooms, or to large audiences. The .mobi design features a hyperlinked Table of Contents at the beginning and a hyperlinked TOC at the end. It also contains active hyperlinks at the end of the book to see other print and eBooks written by Dr. Hogan, a link to his professional website with contact information, and a link to his Facebook page.All of this makes it easy to quote from these fifteen five-minute speeches, or to present the speeches in their entirety without lugging a laptop or having to print out a copy of a speech. And the $3.99 Kindle cost (free on Kindle Unlimited) makes the content affordable to a wider audience than the $12.95 paperback.

About the Author

MDr. Hogan-cropichael Hogan is the author of more than twenty books, and won two previous IBPA BFDA awards in 2015: The gold award for the anthology titled Mexico: Sunlight & Shadows, for which he was a co-editor and a contributor; and the silver award for a book of his poignant poetry titled In the Time of the Jacarandas. His other work includes two collections of short stories, eight books of poetry, selected essays on teaching in Latin America, two novels, and the best-selling Irish Soldiers of Mexico, a history of the Irish battalion in Mexico which formed the basis for an MGM movie starring Tom Berenger. His latest non-fiction work, Savage Capitalism and the Myth of Democracy: Latin America in the Third Millennium, has been praised by Noam Chomsky who wrote: "These lucid and thoughtful essays provide a valuable picture of Latin America from a point of view that is perceptive, often controversial, but always instructive." His newest novel, A Death in Newport, has delighted readers of international intrigue and police fiction.

In 2012, Hogan's Winter Solstice: Selected Poems 1975-2012 was published with a revealing introduction by Sam Hamill. This long-awaited collection included poems from the Paris Review, New Letters and the American Poetry Review as well as selections from out-of print-chapbooks. Also in 2012, his memoir, Newport: A Writer's Beginnings was released. Here the reader observes Hogan's early influences as well as his youthful encounters with Eisenhower at the Summer White House in Newport, and JFK at Boston College.

Dr. Hogan's work has appeared in many journals such as the Paris Review, the Harvard Review, Z-Magazine, Political Affairs and the Monthly Review. He is the former director of Latin American initiatives for the College Board, and a special consultant to the U.S. Department of State's Office of Overseas Schools. Hogan has worked as an Humanities Department Head for fourteen years in American schools abroad and as a professor of international relations at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. He has given workshops and presentations at conferences in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. He currently lives in Guadalajara, Mexico with the textile artist Lucinda Mayo, and their dog, Molly Malone. Official home page: http://www.drmichaelhogan.com