Where an Angel’s on a Rope

Publisher: Bellekeep Books
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About the Book

Cornelius Smith leaves Milford-Haven just before Christmas to spend a day hiking and climbing in a favorite spot – the Angeles Crest National Forest high above Los Angeles. On this warm December day he’s ill prepared for the sudden winter storm that traps him on the mountain. An intuition seems to insist he make an illogical choice — or die clinging to a rock face. Can a man with apparently no way back up, and no way down – find an unexpected means of his own rescue seems to have been placed there for him ahead of time? Based on a true experience.


This story, available only as an ebook, brings readers into the unique world of Milford-Haven, which began as the first American radio drama broadcast by the BBC. Links give access the author’s website, where they can find bonus material such as videos about the author’s research, audio book downloads, blogs, newsletters, and previews of other titles. Book covers in this best-selling series are spectacular watercolors by noted artist Mary Helsaple.

About the Author

Mara-Purl-Color-cropMara Purl is the best-selling, multi-award winning author of the ground-breaking Milford-Haven Novels and Stories, which pioneered small-town fiction for women.  Mara takes her readers on a journey from head to heart with her unusual serial-novel saga, an intriguing blend of fictional characters and carefully researched issues. Her followers love visiting the gorgeous California Central Coast through her compelling writing, or through her frequent in-person events. Mara’s novels and stories have collectively earned 29 literary awards and have soared on best-seller lists at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Mara’s beloved fictitious town has been delighting audiences since 1992, when it first appeared as Milford-Haven, U.S.A.©—the first American radio drama ever licensed and broadcast by the BBC. The show, with its all-star cast, reached an audience of 4.5 million listeners throughout the U.K. If her face looks familiar, it might be because as an actress, Mara was “Darla Cook” on Days Of Our Lives, and has won awards for her theatrical appearances.

Mara is a contributor to two books of essays. Faith, edited by Victoria Zackheim, was published by Simon & Shuster in 2014. Equality, edited by Paul Alan Fahey, was published by Vine Leaves Press. Both books are receiving national attention as collections by noted national and international authors.

Mara loves connecting with her readers online through her social media pages and newsletter. Subscribe and follow her at MaraPurl.com. She's  married to Dr. Larry Norfleet and lives in Los Angeles, and in Colorado Springs.