Publisher: Tree Lover Press
Format(s): Kindle/.mobi
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About the Book

In this paranormal thriller sequel to Voices, the war to create a perfect reincarnation system begins. General believes the existing system is already perfect: to know "joy" every soul must experience "suffering." But a rogue soul named Carmina believes the system is outdated and flawed. She is determined to prove that joy can exist without suffering. When Carmina and her team of reincarnated teenagers hack the system to change its outdated rules, Reizo is recruited to stop them. But Reizo could care less about rules or any ridiculous system until a mysterious soul named General leaves him no choice. Follow Carmina, Reizo and Aimee in their extraordinary journey to make the reincarnation system perfect.


WHISPERS-coverThis book is the sequel to Voices and follows the same approach. Headers for each chapter are graphics identifying the point of view for that specific chapter. Where point of views change within a chapter, so to does the POV graphic. Readers also loved the art inserted into book 1. As such book 2 carries forward this same approach by including original artwork. It also includes a wordcloud and links within the book.

About the Author

Voices-authorWhen Rick isn’t dreaming, you’ll find him trying to discover why, figuring out how, uncovering ancient mysteries, writing a crazy fun middle-grade or young adult novel, inventing something seriously cool, or learning something new. He enjoys participating in science camps, writing conferences and talking to groups about creative topics such as the process of inventing, building worlds for science fiction and fantasy stories, and the importance of dreaming big. Rick is a lifelong inventor and a named inventor on over one hundred patents. He has degrees in Avionics Systems Technology, Computer Science and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. His experience includes a wide range of engineering, technology development and management roles ranging from space systems to gaming systems. He is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society, and the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. There is a book trailer for the series at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjG-SWcBbek. And you can visit his website at: http://rickrowe.com/reincarnation-series/