YESHU: A Novel for the Open-Hearted

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About the Book

This fresh, lyrical retelling of the New Testament saga attracts readers of all ages and spiritual backgrounds. Awarded prizes in 2014 for “Printed Book – Fiction” and “E-Book – Fiction,” by the Associated Church Press, the author’s storytelling is rich and compelling, and the themes of love, compassion, inclusiveness, and open-hearted humanity are repeatedly emphasized in reviews and readers’ comments. The book offers, in fiction, a unique roadmap—not at all formulaic—for spiritual journeying towards inner growth and fulfillment, within communities of like-hearted companions. This digital version enhances the interface between the cyberworld and the internal world of the human spirit.


YeshuThe format of this ebook renders well, with chapters that are artfully laid out. The vibrant cover art and clean layout draw the reader in and prepare the ground for the book’s powerful environmental messages, rooted in a bonding of nature and the spirit. The book design is highly aesthetic, the font reader-friendly—making this novel pleasurable to read and easy to navigate. Chapters and passages can be found quickly, and other features such as dictionary and search work well. The book was purposefully written in modern-day, screen-friendly, short paragraphs and chapters. This facilitates its use, on a variety of devices, in personal spiritual seeking, as well as religious/education classes for both youth and adult students. The website link provides uncomplicated electronic access to a study guide for book clubs and for educators in secular as well as religious settings.This book is easy to download and can be read on multiple e-readers. It is available on iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords (Blio), and it strives for open standards. Offering the book in digital form makes it far more accessible to numerous potential readers, of various cultures and faiths, especially ones in foreign countries such as Romania, Kenya, and India, many of whom have contacted the author, lamenting that they cannot afford the print version and prohibitive shipping costs, but longing to read a work of fiction that calls out to them.This digital book was written by an award-winning author and performing storyteller—about one of the premiere storytellers of all times. Imbedded in it are valuable lessons regarding the art and purpose of storytelling itself. Therefore, similar to books about books, this novel entails storytelling about storytelling. And what’s more, it is innovatively made available to its diverse, worldwide audiences from the vantage point of a digital platform.

About the Author

Kleymeyer,CharlesCharles David Kleymeyer, PhD is an award-winning author and sociologist with a lifetime of experience serving organizations and communities of low-income ethnic groups throughout the Americas. Most of that time, he was also imagining YESHU: A Novel for the Open-Hearted. He has published numerous books, articles, short stories, and poems, and his publications have been translated into four foreign languages. He was a Creative Writing major at Stanford University, studying under the guidance of Wallace Stegner. He then served in the Peace Corps in Peru and subsequently earned an MS in Sociology and a PhD in Development Studies from the University of Wisconsin. His career in international grassroots development is still ongoing.

For five decades, Charles has been a performing storyteller at folk festivals, spiritual retreats, Indian reservations, and on radio and television. This avocation shaped his narrative voice, while his cross-cultural international development work molded his philosophical and ethical outlook. The life lessons and oral history techniques he learned from Indigenous and African Diaspora peoples throughout the Americas have informed his vision of the teaching style and humanistic practices of the historical Jesus and other New Testament figures.

These lessons of love, compassionate service, and forgiveness were amplified by his long-time spiritual commitment to the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Charles is the father of two adult children and a teenager — all of whom have served as his fiction editors. His novel is intended for readers of all ages and spiritual backgrounds.