You Should Only Have to Get Rich Once – For Entrepreneurs

Publisher: River Grove Books
Format(s): Kindle/.mobi
Entry Type: E-Book

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About the Book

The humbling reality is that financial planning is an optimistic guessing game. Rarely do financial plans project negative outcomes. Realistically, only 35% of new US businesses make it past 5 years - and fewer than 4% pass the $1 million mark. No matter what industry, this book teaches readers ways to retain wealth as an entrepreneur.

Pulling from real-life experiences, the book outlines 13 rules to help guide and protect tycoons throughout their entrepreneurial journey by helping them create their own methods to fight the temptations that bankrupted some intelligent people and have a fighting chance in an uncertain world.


You Should Only Have to Get Rich OnceOften times entrepreneurs are delusional. They recalibrate reality to fit their view of the world and often lose a sense of perspective, in turn, putting themselves in danger. Too many entrepreneurs have to get rich twice. Unfortunately, the very traits that make you a superstar are toxic to retaining wealth.

You Should Only Have to Get Rich Once – For Entrepreneurs is broken up into thirteen “rules” that helps readers combat unforeseen financial catastrophes and designed for the average entrepreneur’s attention span. The simple, yet insightful illustrations offer a visual representation and highlight hard-hitting points throughout the book.

About the Author

Russel-E-HolcombeRussell Holcombe strives to end the frustration many people have with their financial planners. His experience helping people navigate the treacherous, conflict-ridden waters of financial advice is captured in his book and his blog. His detailed knowledge of client needs, financial products, insurance and taxation coupled with experience assisting people unwind from bad financial situations gives him a unique perspective on both the power and the fragility of wealth. Russell shares his experiences so people redefine their relationship with money, take them out of the rat race, and help them achieve true security and peace of mind. Russell Holcombe lives in Atlanta, GA. He carries the Certified Financial Planner designation, has an MTx (Master of Taxation) from Georgia State University and a BBA in Finance & Real Estate from Southern Methodist University.